"OxyNation has one rule – BE YOURSELF"


Demi – Vocals

Kami – Vocals

Matty Mayz – Drums

Mr. November – Guitar

Jiggity – Bass

Whether you realize it or not – YOU are six-degrees (or less) of separation from someone in OXYMORRONS. They are ‘those guys’ – the ones that musicians, industry pros and fans alike respect. Their name is seemingly everywhere these days – from radio to commercials, huge festivals to TV spots. If you’re somehow late to the party, you’re about to become part of the OxyNation.

The New York City-based quintet’s momentum has grown their network exponentially because of their undeniable talent, authenticity, and tireless DIY hustle. From working with cutting edge artists and top producers like Travie McCoy, Saba, Maxine Ashley, Felix Snow, and Jordan Ware, to grabbing slots at major music festivals including Firefly, Afropunk, Summerfest, and Funk Fest, and finding synergy in brand partnerships with the likes of Rocawear, Dr Martens, and Microsoft – OxyNation continues to organically grow.

OxyNation has one rule – BE YOURSELF. If we all dared to be as different as Demi, Kami, Matty Mayz, Jiggity and Mr. November then the world would be an even more amazing place. Some of the biggest artists in history have been ones that didn’t fit into the proverbial BOX. Artists like David Bowie, Living Colour, Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park, Outkast – all made their mark by ushering music into exciting new places. Drawing from these groundbreaking artists of past decades, Oxymorrons live in that space between musical appreciation and innovation.

Oxymorrons experiments with a myriad of sounds, drawing from different influences and carving their own path. They are cultivating an undeniable signature style by masterfully blending genres – but like others before them, the Oxymorrons members are constantly being asked to define their genre-defying sonic creations. And worse, have been met with stereotyping and incorrect assumptions due to the bands racial mix. Front-man Demi explains, “Being black and creating ‘white people music’… It’s a hurdle for us. If we were white kids,people wouldn’t be confused by our music.” His brother and co-vocalist, Kami, adds, “It’s all based on what you look like, it’s something that we deal with. People have done it millions of times, why is this so different?”

But that’s the heart and soul of the OxyNation – embracing your individuality. “Our message alone is ‘let us take the blows, let us liberate you. If you’re scared to be different, we are showing the rest of the world it’s okay to be different. We’ll make you cool, step out on us...’ It’s all about the music, having fun, living life and being the best you can be no matter what you’re doing,” says Demi. The bands platform of being unapologetically your authentic self brought out a legion of loyal fans and forged their ‘Geek Life’ movement. Which Demi explained is “about a state of mind, not about being a certain kind of person. Anyone can be a geek. A person is called a geek because of the passion with which they act or speak about what they like – sports, fashion, technology… you don’t need a pocket protector and some glasses to be a geek.”

Oxymorrons have found their voice and made their mark. With the upcoming release of their debut EP, Complex But Basic, they are poised to make an impressive impact on the wider world.